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StartCanada Social Media Marketing Services

Do you use social media? … Or is social media using you?

StartCanada believes in using social media to bring visitors to your website… Not the other way around.

Challenges continue to grow if you’re relying on advertising to bring visitors to your website. Ad blocking increased by 41% last year and more than half of the clicks on mobile ads have been accidental. Organic search results and social media networks continue to be the most efficient and cost-effective methods to be discovered online.

StartCanada Social Media Marketing Services can attract visitors to your website is by developing and/or curating meaningful content for your website/blog, which can then be shared by your visitors across their social media network.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

… Is giving your target audience
information that will…

… make them want to reward you with their attention and their business.

The goal is to publish content that will not only drive people to your website so you can convert them to customers, but to also compel them to share it across their social networks. Eventually, you will be attracting their friends and followers, too.

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StartCanada Website Management + Social Media Marketing

  • Includes all components of the Website Management Services
  • Weekly website content and/or website layout updates
  • Brand and organization relevant content curation posted in your blog
  • One blog post per week
  • One social media post per week on up to three social media networks
  • Social media share statistical analytics report
  • If the website management, content/layout updates and social media marketing services exceed five (5) hours per month, we can provide you a customized quote based on your requirements

Advantages of StartCanada Social Media Marketing Services

Build Your Brand

Getting valuable content in front of someone who has never heard of you or your company before is an effective, non-invasive way to introduce yourself. If that potential customer likes what you have to say, they’re more likely to click around your website.

Build SEO

The more popular your content, the more authority search engines give it, which will increase your visibility in results. This is also where consistency comes into play. Both the volume of content and the freshness of the content play a part in search results. Publish often, and you’ll see growth in search engine traffic.

Know Your Customers

The more users you have engaging with your content, the more opportunity you have to get to know them. And once you get to know who they are and what they’re interested in, the more targeted you can get with your content creation.

StartCanada Business Development Corporation

Big dreams. Start here.

StartCanada is a Canadian company that designs, develops and manages elegant and effective websites for start-ups, professionals, non-profits and small businesses. StartCanada also provides social media marketing services for its clients.

Angelo Narciso leads StartCanada and is involved with business development, the design thinking process of web design / development, website management and social media marketing.