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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would we need a website?

    Although there are more, here are 3 reasons.

    #1 - Websites allow you and your business to be discovered.

    Your customers will search you online before or right after they meet you. Finding you online will mean more than your first impression. If they don’t find your website, they’ll find an alternative... Or your competition. You can reach your customers faster online than you can ever do in person… 24 hours each day of the year.

    #2 - Websites make you, your brand and your business credible and professional.

    Your customers will want to know about your products and services... They’ll want to know about you, your work, your business, your location and your reputation. Welcome them. Engage them. Give them confidence in you, your brand and your business.

    #3 - Websites allow you to sell and support your products and services.

    Your customers will want to learn about your products and services… And then buy what you sell. Give them information they need to make that buying decision. Invite your website visitors to learn more about your products, to subscribe to your blog, to visit your shop, to discover and buy your products and services. Support your products and services through product manuals and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • What is Responsive Web Design / Mobile-Friendly Web Design?

    Responsive Web Design (also referred to as mobile-friendly design) is a web design approach aimed at crafting websites to provide an optimal viewing experience - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, and panning - across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones, tablets and desktop computer monitors).

    It is a technique of implementing the HTML & CSS code of your website in such a way as to provide the same functionality to desktop, tablet and mobile browsers from the same URL. It eliminates the need to develop multiple websites to display your content across multiple devices.

    Effective April 2015, Google began boosting search rankings of mobile search results and recommends using responsive web design over other design patterns.

  • We already have a website. Can you re-design and/or re-develop the website for us?

    Yes, we can. Although we can use you existing website as a reference, we will design and develop your new website from scratch. We can use your own hosting services or have your domain name transferred to our servers. You will need to acquire a design package among the StartCanada Website Design / Development Services.

  • Can you design, develop and then manage our website updates and maintenance?

    The StartCanada Website Design / Development Services includes thirty (30) days of StartCanada Website Management Services. After that expires, clients have to acquire the StartCanada Website Management Services in order for us to update, manage and maintain your website.

    If you intend to have a static website that will not require regular updates, you may not need to acquire the StartCanada Website Management Services.

  • Can we engage the services of Start Canada even if we are not in Canada?

    Yes. Our web design / development, website management and social media marketing services are set-up for online collaboration and fulfillment. Note that our prices are in Canadian Dollars. Additional currency exchange rates, bank charges and taxes in your jurisdiction may be applied to your invoice.

StartCanada Business Development Corporation

Big dreams. Start here.

StartCanada is a Canadian company that designs, develops and manages elegant and effective websites for start-ups, professionals, non-profits and small businesses. StartCanada also provides social media marketing services for its clients.

Angelo Narciso leads StartCanada and is involved with business development, the design thinking process of web design / development, website management and social media marketing.