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Group Rewards Work Better

Bonuses are more effective when awarded to teams instead of individuals, according to new joint findings by the Universities of Leicester, Sydney and Western, Sydney.

The researchers found that group rewards generate more co-operative, better-performing teams and individuals, than individual-based rewards.

Importantly, the best and worst performers both did better work in a group bonus system. Poor performers, who would typically be at risk of being fired under individual reward systems, were found to be "essential to the effective functioning of the group," according to the researchers, who refer to them as 'self-sacrificers.' Why? They're the ones who put aside their own work to help colleagues in need. If they get sacked, the whole group falls apart.

Source/s: Canadian Business, February 2016
Photo: Angelo Narciso, Santa Claus Parade, Toronto.

Risk Is Everything

As with the Nike campaign above and the following words of Petra Moser, assistant professor of economics at Stanford and its Europe Center, is risk, or that fearless culture, the key ingredient that drives US tech giants?

Mosler compares Europe and the US:

  • They’re trying to recreate Silicon Valley in places like Munich, so far with little success. The institutional and cultural differences are still too great.
  • In Europe, failure is regarded as a personal tragedy. Here it’s something of a badge of honor. An environment like that doesn’t encourage as much risk-taking and entrepreneurship.
  • If you don’t do well at age 18, you’re out. That cuts out a lot of people who could do better but never get the chance. The person who does best at a test of rote memorization at age 17 may not be innovative at 23. The American education system is much more forgiving. Students can catch up and go on to excel. European children may be better behaved, but American children may end up being more free to explore new things.
  • American companies allow their employees to leave and try something else. Then, if it works, great, the mother company acquires the start-up. If it doesn’t, they hire them back. It’s a great system. It allows people to experiment and try things. In Germany, you can’t do that. People would hold it against you. They’d see it as disloyal. It’s a very different ethic.
  • In Europe, stability is prized. Inequality is much less tolerated. There’s a culture of sharing. People aren’t so cutthroat. Money isn’t the only thing that matters. These may be good things.

Source: A Fearless Culture Fuels U.S. Tech Giants, New York Times

It's Good To Be Different

"You tend to want to hire people in your own image - people who are strong at what you're strong at, who get you. But when it comes to a number two, that's completely the wrong strategy. Your partner has to believe in the mission and share a set of values but needs a completely different skill set."

- Razor Suleman, Chairman and Chief Evangelist, Achievers

Source: Canadian Business Magazine, April 2015
Photo: © Angelo Narciso, Logan Collection, SFMoMa

The Future: An Outsourced Economy

  • A growing skilled freelancer economy is taking shape to meet the temporary needs of employers
  • Repeat transactions between businesses and their favourite freelancers will play an increasingly important role in the new outsourced economy
  • Companies have the comfort of working with a familiar team minus the expense of hiring full-time employees, while temporary workers get the certainty of steady work without sacrificing the chance to accept other projects
  • MBO Partners forecasts that half of the workforce in the United States will consist of freelancers by 2020
  • In one generation, there will be no employees. Everyone is going to be a subcontractor. - John Ruffolo, CEO, OMERS Ventures

Source: Canadian Business, March 2015

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