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About StartCanada

StartCanada creates elegant and effective websites for start-ups, professionals, small-businesses and non-profit organizations.

StartCanada is a Canadian company currently based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. All our work is conceived, coded and completed in Canada.

We implement design thinking methodologies in our web design / development process, website management services and in our social media marketing programs to ultimately enable your website to:

  • Enhance your profile and branding strategies,
  • Convert your visitors into loyal clients, and
  • Help improve your bottomline.

Angelo Narciso

Angelo Narciso leads StartCanada. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and the environment.

Angelo has a degree in Industrial Engineering Minor in Mechanical Engineering (BSE-IME) from De La Salle University, a Certificate in Environmental Management from the University of Calgary and has lived and worked in various cities in Asia and North America.

Angelo loves art, photography, music, soccer, chips and chocolates.

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StartCanada Business Development Corporation

Big dreams. Start here.

StartCanada is a Canadian company that designs, develops and manages elegant and effective websites for start-ups, professionals, non-profits and small businesses. StartCanada also provides social media marketing services for its clients.

Angelo Narciso leads StartCanada and is involved with business development, the design thinking process of web design / development, website management and social media marketing.